Stopping smoking can seem like an impossible task, and many people have to give it several goes before kicking the habit. On average, smokers give up approximately 12 times before they can make it stick; but that is no reason to stop trying! Who knows, this could be your year.

The 14th of March marked National No Smoking Day and having this date set in your mind can be a very encouraging way to start your journey towards quitting. Benefits of quitting include reducing your risk of serious smoking-related illnesses, saving money, reducing harm to those around you and even encouraging a more healthy complexion.

A great place to find lots of advice and guidance is NHS Smokefree. This service shows you different ways you can quit, and links you up to local healthcare services that can also help. If you’re not sure, your GP and local pharmacy are great ways to get some face to face advice, and in some areas, there are community-run services and advisors you can investigate.

A very enticing motivation can be seen using their Cost Calculator which estimates how much you would save when giving up.

So don’t be disheartened, look at the benefits of giving up in more detail. A great way to get inspired is to read some success stories.

Good luck!